Painting Exterior Siding

Wood home siding is a covering that ought to be shielded from the weather. It is a breathable covering that made use of to be one of the most well-liked exterior siding there was. Today, wood home siding is usually called clapboards, and the wood is valuable. It needs to be cared for, as well as typically painting is the easiest solution. Look after your timber siding as well as it will certainly last past your life time.
You’ve determined what color your visiting repaint your house as well as trim and you prepare to obtain begun. But hang around. Do not forget to prep the siding initially. Prepping external wood home siding for a fresh new layer of paint is maybe the most vital factor you can do to ensure a long-lasting surface that does not exfoliate after a short time.
Flaking paint happens when dampness gathers under the repainted surface area. The dampness enters into the timber home siding from the unpainted side, acquires absorbed then dries out. This induces repeated swelling and diminishing of the timber, which makes the paint pull away from the wood surface, leaving it fractured and also peeling off. Find sources of moisture by inspecting the area for leak from the gutter systems or eaves of your house. If the flaking paint is near a bathroom or cooking area, the pipelines could be sweating or dripping or excess warmth could be triggering condensation.

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The first step is to pressure wash your home. Use a house cleaner such as bleach to remove dirt, mold, and mildew. The pressure should knock off any flaking paint.
After that you want to go around and caulk all the cracks. Sealing your home this way will help prevent future wood rot and make your home more protected from the weather. If there are a bunch of nail holes in the siding you may want to fill those with wood putty, but this is not necessary. After that be sure to prime any bare wood with a quality latex primer.
Finally you want to spray the siding with a spray machine. The machine put out a certain amount of paint per second and creates a more uniform consistency. Brushing siding leaves a lot of brush marks and an uneven distribution of paint.